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Video Compilation for "Essentials of the Fist"

Since releasing my in-depth analysis of Ming General Qi Jiguang's empty-hand fighting manual, "Essentials of the Fist" in April 2020, I've also released several videos. Here's the list of them for your easy reference.

1) Divine Fist

I briefly explained what is the core principle of the "Divine Fist" stance, and 3 examples of how it is useful and can be applied in other areas of fighting, which was not included in the book.

2) Flash Step

"Flash Step" is one of the more difficult stances to master and achieve in the manual. I included a movie clip from an old black-and-white movie, "Seven Samurai", to showcase an example of the principles of "Flash Step" in action.

3) Reverse Stab Stance

"Reverse Stab" is supposed for you to learn how to strike behind yourself, perhaps in the event someone comes up from your back. But its key learning point can also be applied to Archery.

4) Seven Stars Fist

"Seven Stars Fist" is named as such, because your arms are crossed, mimicking the zig-zag nature of the Big Dipper. In this quick video, I dissected one of the verses and discussed it word-by-word.

5) Grasp Elbow Stance

"Grasp Elbow" is a stance for you to learn how to attack and defend at the same time. But one of the verses is important in learning how to do it, and in this quick video, I similarly dissected the verse word-by-word for your understanding.

6) Beast Head Stance

Not really a video that explains the stance itself, but an overall understanding on the limitations that the ancient artists faced, so that we can interpret drawings more accurately.

Full English Interpretation

It took me around 2 to 3 years to complete my analysis and interpretation of General Qi Jiguang's Fist manual, because the verses were written poetically most of the time. My approach is to see each of the 32 stances as having an unique core principle, and try to discover it meaningfully.

By dissecting the stances from an anatomical and training perspective, the 32 stances are useful and applicable no matter which style of martial arts you study.

You may find out more, and grab a copy here:

Thank you,

Jack Chen


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