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浑元剑经 (Hunyuan Jianjing)'s Raise Cauldron Stance

浑元剑经 Hunyuan Jianjing Raise Cauldron Stance

浑元剑经 "Hunyuan Jianjing" is a Chinese sword manual written in late-Yuan/early-Ming period, so this ancient book could easily be more than 600 years old! It is entirely written in words with no diagrams at all, which is a pain to translate as I was reading through it. But I just thought I'd share bits and pieces that I discovered.

Highlighted in red is the "Ba Wang Ju Ding Shi", translated as "Tyrant Raises Cauldron Stance". Sounds familiar? That's because in a later late-Ming sword manual with diagrams, there's also a "Raise Cauldron Stance". Link:

The version in "Hunyuan Jianjing" is translated as: "The Tyrant Raise Cauldron Stance has 2 versions, single-handed or double-handed. For the single-handed version, the left-leg is positioned across on the right side, with your toes tipping on the ground. Right hand grips the sword, with the handle facing forward and held leveled, as if you're pushing something forward. The left-hand supports the right-hand. Eyes look forward.

For the double-hand version, it is like the 'middle stance' in double-swords."

The last sentence caught me by surprise a little.

For the double-hand version, are we talking about using a long-handled double-handed sword, or are we talking about using 2 swords (one in each hand)?

Several stances in "Hunyuan Jianjing" have names which are the same in other later manuals with diagrams, so hopefully I will be able to draw inferences in the future.

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