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Important Tip for Shaolin Gunfa Canzong

Here is an important tip when you're trying to interpret the Shaolin Staff forms. On the left are the stances' names in circles and linked up together, while on the right is the text written more clearly for you to read, because the words on the left can be rather small.

The first words are 高四平 (High Four Even Stance) 進步 (step forward into) 跨劍 (Qin Emperor Straddles Sword Stance). If you were to read purely just the words on the right, you'd think that you'd simply step straight forward, to transit from the first stance, to the second stance.

But if you were to cross-reference it to the pictorial page, you'll see that you're supposed to step diagonally towards the left when you change your stance. This affects how you'd interpret and perform all the forms. You can get the full English translation at:

Jack Chen

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manuals


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