Deciphering General Qi Jiguang's Long Saber

In General Qi Jiguang's book, his Long Saber stances came without any explanation on how they are being used in an actual fight. Here's a quick 3 mins video that I've made to share my interpretation / theory on 3 of the stances, which actually looked very similar to each other. 3 things that we need to establish: Firstly, we assume that there are no redundancies. Each stance has its own unique purpose and techniques in it. Secondly, the Long Saber wasn't drawn to scale. The overall length should have been 6 chi 5 cun, which is almost 2 metres long. Thirdly, the portion above the guard has an approx 30cm bronze fitting, which allows you to hold onto, and expand your grip. This allows you to u

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