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Launched: Dandao Long Saber DVD Part 2

DVD Part 1 for the Chinese Long Saber was launched in January 2013. Slightly more than 4 years later, DVD Part 2 was finally launched.

Dandao Chinese Long Saber Part 2

Filming for DVD Part 2 actually began shortly after Part 1, but all of the footage weren't used because we wanted to keep testing and refining our interpretation and execution of the technique in the manual.

All footage in DVD Part 2 were filmed only recently, and they are a result of consistent testing and training in the manual's techniques.

Included in the package is also a replica of the 單刀法選 (Dan Dao Fa Xuan) Chinese Long Saber manual. You will get to see the manual in its entirety. It is made using traditional Chinese stitch-binding, so that it can serve as a nice display item too.

I hope you will find the Chinese Long Saber DVD Part 2 valuable and insightful towards your martial arts practice. Your kind contribution will help to promote and preserve ancient Chinese martial arts and swordsmanship for future generations.

Thank you,

Jack Chen

Chinese Long Saber DVD Part 2:


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