"Block Head Cannon" - Qi Jiguang and Chen Style Taiji

In Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang's Essential of the Fist manual, Stance #30 is the 當頭砲 (dang tou pao) "Block Head Cannon" stance. The 2nd verse reads as 虎直攛兩拳 (hu zhi cuan liang quan), which translates as "Throwing 2 fists straight forward like a tiger". Perhaps you may imagine yourself like a tiger pouncing forward at its prey with both paws extended. In Chen Style Taiji, there is also a "Dang Tou Pao" technique by the exact same name. And you're literally supposed to throw 2 punches straight forward at the chest/abdomen region. Below is a video of people practicing this technique. The first 2 persons appeared to have too much lordotic curve in their lumbar spine, which may contribute to

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