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E'mei Spear

     During the early Qing Dynasty, 程眞如 (Cheng Zhen Ru) travelled to the E'mei Mountain to learn the art of the Spear from Monk Pu-En. After visiting various other Spear arts, Cheng found that what he learnt was the best by far, and named it "Art of E'mei Spear" to honour his teacher.


     Cheng authored the E'mei Spear manual to share the art's invaluable strategies and tactics. There are no pictures in the manual.

     This book is recommended for the advanced martial arts practitioners. It will be easier for you to understand the principles described in this manual if you have some prior experience in practicing with the Spear.

     The deep principles written in archaic Chinese texts, are now available as an English translated version below. This book is highly recommended for the intermediate to advanced practitioner.






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峨嵋槍法 Emei Spear Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manual
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 English Translation 

Download the English translation of this ancient manual.

Contents (80 pages):

  • Introduction & History

  • Mind Mastery Chapter

  • Body Mastery Chapter

  • Calmness Chapter

  • Movements Chapter

  • Attack-Defense Chapter

  • Situational Assessment Chapter

  • Strategy Chapter

  • Refrainments Chapter

  • Defensive Techniques Chapter

  • Thrusting Techniques Chapter

  • Defeating Various Weapons Chapter

  • Body & Hand Techniques Chapter

  • Essentials Chapter

Features to help you learn & understand:
- Hanyu Pinyin pronounciation for all Chinese text
- accompanying English translation

This E-Book is available to you for download at USD 8.88, and formatted to A5-size for easy printing.

Your support will further the research of ancient Chinese battlefield arts, and encourage efforts in the redrawing, enhancement and translation of other ancient manuals.

Thank you,
Jack Chen


  "As the Chinese say, 'hand techniques came from spear techniques', so, as a teacher I think students should start learning from spear. Through "The Art of E'mei Spear", my favorite ChineseLongsword's manual, I could develop a comprehensive way of learning and teaching starting from the spear, going through the swords and sabers and finally reaching hand techniques.

     I am very thankful to Mr. Jack Chen for sharing all these valuable documents with the world. I've been searching for it for a long time, and thanks to him this knowledge can start being spread in Brazil!"

~ Jerônimo Marana

Professor de Artes Marciais

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English translated eBook Instantly

E'mei Spear English Translation Preview
Emei Spear English Translation Preview #1
E'mei Spear Translation Preview #1
Refrainments Chapter
What you should not do.
Emei Spear English Translation Preview #2
E'mei Spear Translation Preview #2
Mind Mastery Chapter
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