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Mizoguchi Ha Itto Ryu - Similar principles with Shaolin Staff's "Evade-and-Deceive"

In most styles' practice, Japanese or not, the winner is usually the Defender. Attacker makes an attack, so that the Defender can practice the appropriate counter-measures and wins.

But for Mizoguchi Ha Itto Ryu, it's different. The winner is the Attacker, who makes an attack to elicit a response from the Defender first, so that he can subsequently make his genuine killing move. This seems to follow the principles of the Shaolin Staff's "Evade-and-Deceive", as well as the concept of "Old Energy, New Energy."

This "Mizoguchi Ha Itto Ryu" video is the 13th video in the Shaolin Staff "Evade-and-Deceive" video learning series, and released entirely for free. To get the full video learning program, please visit:

Jack Chen

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manuals


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