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《武藝圖譜通志 - 雙劎》
Muye Dobo Tongji - Ssang Geom

The Korean Double Swords

     From the 3rd scroll of the Korean manual, Muye Dobo Tongji, is a chapter on 雙劎 (Chn: Shuang-Jian, Krn: Ssang Geom), Double Sword. Although it uses the 劎, which usually refers to a straight double-edged sword, this manual documents the usage of Double Sabers, single edged curved blade.


     It also gave interesting historical facts, highlighting that wielding 2 swords can be practical in battle, as well as a form of sword dance.

Contents (43 pages + 2 x Routine-Sheets):

- Introduction & History
- Illustrated Stances
- 2 x Separate sheets of the Double Sword Routine

Features to help you learn & understand:

- Hanyu Pinyin pronounciation for all Chinese text

- accompanying English translation


This E-Book is and formatted to A5-size for easy printing.


Your support will further the research of ancient Chinese battlefield arts, and encourage efforts in the translation of other ancient manuals.


Thank you,

Jack Chen

English Translation 

Download the English translated

"Ssang Geom" eBook Instantly

Muye Dobo Tongji Double Swords Form
Ssang Geom Translation Preview #1
The Double Swords Form
(Instant Download & Read Digitally)
Muye Dobo Tongji Double Swords History
Preview #2
History about the swords.
Muye Dobo Tongji Double Swords Details
Preview #3
Details about the swords.


Koreans today are putting huge efforts into reviving Muye Dobo Tongji.


Below are videos of some Koreans demonstrating the routine that's documented in the Double Sword chapter. There are various other groups of Koreans training in the martial arts of the Muye Dobo Tongji as well.

Clear demonstration & explanation on the basics of using 2 swords by Bok Kyu Choi.

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