Dadao Hero of the 29th Army: Zhao Deng-Yu 赵登禹

In early 1933, the Japanese army took over Shan-hai Guan (also known as Yu-guan), located in the East of Hebei Province, and subsequently entered the Re-he Province. In 4th March, they took over Cheng-de County and began a series of assault on various entrances of the Great Wall of China. 6 days later, 10th March, the Japanese army closed in on Xifengkou. Zhao Deng Yu was given the order to lead the 109th Brigade from Shu County, Tianjin, in an urgent night march of 20 kilometres to reach Hai’er Ling, “Child’s Ridge” of Xifengkou, before the Japanese army does, and repel the enemy’s advance party to secure a defensive line. To ensure success, Zhao Deng Yu ordered his troops to wait till the

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