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Written in 1780
Toshiie Ason Yoroi Chakuyou Zu
Illustrated Guide
On Wearing The Samurai Armour
What is 'Toshiie Ason Yoroi Chakuyou Zu'?

     Written about 250 years ago by Sadatake Ise (1717 - 1784), this is an antique Japanese book on putting on the Samurai clothing and armour.

     Drawn in beautiful & highly detailed full color pictures, this book is a valuable reference if you're serious about Asian military history.

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Quick Flip-Through Video

Total 27 pages. Not all pages were shown.

The video starts with the antique copy, and transits to the replica copy.

Replica Copy

     Available for order is a replica of the original antique. The images & content of the book are cleaned by wormholes & other types of damage, so that you can receive a copy that looks new & fresh.

     Perfect-bound and printed in full-color, this book is printed-on-demand, so that as we aspire to save history, we also save the planet.


     I've seen similar reproductions of ancient manuals that are selling for as high as USD$300.00 or over! Furthermore, these are black-and-white scans, and I didn't see any additional work done to restore the works or images.

     I've designed this replica as a low to non-profit initiative, hence the low price of only $12.90. Your purchase will help to cover only the cost of printing , restoration, and help to fund future acquisitions so that we can produce & replicate more valuable antique books at an economical price for preservation & promotion of history.
Cleaned from ink smudge, wormholes & old-age.
I Wanna Get This Book!
  • Full-color printing, 27 pages

  • 6" wide x 9" tall

  • Perfect-bound Paperback

  • Cheap shipping if you live in the US or in Western countries.

$12.90 + Approx $4 Postage (US / West)

Shipped from the US via

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