Dadao: The 8 Sabers of Devastation

The 2 Ma brothers, Ma Yingtu (1898-1956) and Ma Fengtu (1888-1973) were from Cangzhou and were famous for their martial skills. In 1923, Ma Yingtu organized and trained the Big-Saber Contingent (Da Dao Dui), comprising of young men from Cangzhou wielding sabers in battle. The style of saber taught by Ma Yingtu was called 破锋八刀 (The 8 Sabers of Devastation). History stated that in the later years of the Qing Dynasty, 黄林彪 (Huang Lin Biao) from the Yanshan County in Cangzhou taught his most treasured art of the dual-hand saber to only 2 of his students: 张玉山 (Zhang Yushan) and 马凤图 (Ma Fengtu). Zhang did not have any successors, while Ma Fengtu shared the art with his bother Ma Yingtu and eldest

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