Mystery Solved: "Bury Head" and "Enter Cave" stances of the Chinese Long Saber

The Chinese Long Saber manual was the 1st manual that I translated and interpreted when I started this website 9 years ago. The one thing that bothered me all these years was how similar the "Bury Head" and "Enter Cave" stances looked like. Surely either one can perform the job of the other, so why the need to waste a valuable page by separating them into 2 different stances? There must be a reason. And I believe I found the reason. If you prefer to watch a video, here it is: But if you prefer to read instead, continue further down. The first 4 stances of the Chinese Long Saber manual are: Mutual Draw Stance (2 swordsmen drawing each other's sword) Draw Sword Stance (1 swordsman drawing his

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