Vintage Dadao Training Video

I just came across this vintage video of Chinese WWII-era Dadao training. Check out the video below: Although the Dadao is supposed to be a 2-handed weapon, but interestingly the practice shown in the video were done with 1-hand instead, and closely resembles modern Wushu forms. A real Dadao is a heavy weapon, due to its broad mass. So to wield it effectively with only 1 hand requires much skill. Check out the WWII Dadao training manual here: Sincerely, Jack Chen Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manuals

Launched: Dandao Long Saber DVD Part 2

DVD Part 1 for the Chinese Long Saber was launched in January 2013. Slightly more than 4 years later, DVD Part 2 was finally launched. Filming for DVD Part 2 actually began shortly after Part 1, but all of the footage weren't used because we wanted to keep testing and refining our interpretation and execution of the technique in the manual. All footage in DVD Part 2 were filmed only recently, and they are a result of consistent testing and training in the manual's techniques. Included in the package is also a replica of the 單刀法選 (Dan Dao Fa Xuan) Chinese Long Saber manual. You will get to see the manual in its entirety. It is made using traditional Chinese stitch-binding, so that it can serv

Why Is The Dandao Chinese Long Saber So Long?

The Chinese Long Saber is probably the longest Chinese sword in history. What is the reason behind its long length? First, we have to remember that the Long Saber is designed to fight against the Spear. In Chinese martial arts, the Spear is considered the King of the Battlefield for its effectiveness in killing. So with that, we will begin by looking at 3 basic methods of Spear thrusting: 1) Stationary Thrust 2) Shuffle-Step Thrust 3) Stepping Thrust The thrusts will begin from a typical middle guard stance, and the thrust's reach length will be measured from here. The 2 red cones indicate the starting positions of the right-hand and Spear-tip. Spear Thrust #1 - Stationary Single-Handed This

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