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Foot-Drawn Crossbow

Foot Drawn Crossbow medieval Chinese martial arts manual

     400 years ago, in ancient China during the Ming Dynasty, there were constant battles with the Japanese pirates. 蹶張心法 (Jue Zhang Xin Fa) is an ancient Crossbow manual, that documented the construction details and blueprint on making a medieval Chinese Crossbow.


     The author, Master Cheng Zong You wrote and compiled a martial arts manual called 耕余剩技 (Geng Yu Sheng Ji) "Martial Arts Practiced After Farming Work", which consists of 4 volumes:

  1. 《少林棍法闡宗》 Shaolin Staff manual

  2. 蹶張心法》 Crossbow manual (this)

  3. 《長鎗法選》 Long Spear manual

  4.  《單刀法選》Long Saber manual 

     The Crossbow manual not only contains the exact dimensions and description for each component for you to make them, it also describes military tactics on how the Spearmen and Swordsmen, both armed with Crossbows, move and fight in the battlefield.

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Footdrawn Crossbow Ancient Manual - Using Knee rope and poison bottle
Crossbow Manual Preview #1
Loading the Crossbow and Poison Bottle details
History of the Dandao Miao Dao Long-Saber
Crossbow Manual Preview #2
Shaving Knife Details
Stances of the Dandao Miao Dao Long-Saber
Crossbow Manual Preview #3
Prod Details
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Documentary on Master Cheng, by China's CCTV.
With English subtitles.

Spreading The Chinese Crossbow's Legacy

     The Chinese Crossbow is not only an effective weapon in the battlefield, it is also a testament to the engineering ingenuity of ancient Chinese people.

     Due to the tremendous wealth of content in this manual, this is the 1st time I had to make the page size set to A4, as compared to the other manuals which are A5 size.

     There are many diagrams, especially blue prints of parts of the Crossbow. With a bigger page size, you'll be able to see the many diagrams in this book more clearly.


Contents (168 pages A4 size):

  • The Crossbow Sayings

  • Complete Diagram of Foot-Drawn Crossbow

  • Old Bronze Mechanism

  • Improved New Crossbow Mechanism

  • Wood Choice For Construction Of Crossbow's Body

  • Construction Of Crossbow's Prod With Bamboo

  • Hawk Prod Sayings

  • Construction Of The Bowstring

  • Construction Of The Knee-Loop, Leg-Rope, Waist-Rope

  • Construction of Arrow Shaving Knife & Sheath

  • Shaving Crossbow Arrows

  • Construction Of Quiver

  • Construction Of Metal Arrowhead

  • Construction Of Poison Bottle

  • Drawing Crossbow With Foot & Knee

  • Loading Arrows

  • Crossbow Shooting & Engaging Enemy

  • Waist-Drawn Crossbow And Mechanism Details

  • Waist-Drawn Crossbow Quiver

  • Hidden Crossbow (for ambushing)

  • Arrow Poison Preparation Method

Features to help you learn & understand:

- Hanyu Pinyin pronounciation for all Chinese text

- Chinese text side-by-side with the English translation.


This E-Book is available to you for download at USD 27.80, and formatted to A4-size for easy printing.


Your support will further the research of ancient Chinese battlefield arts, and encourage efforts in the redrawing, enhancement and translation of other ancient manuals.


Thank you,

Jack Chen

English Translation 

Download the English translated

"Footdrawn Crossbow" eBook Instantly

Footdrawn Crossbow Mechanism Details
Preview #1
Trigger Mechanism Details
Footdrawn Crossbow bowstring and knee rope
Preview #2
Bowstring Diagram
Footdrawn Crossbow How To Load
Preview #3
How To Load The Crossbow

The traditional Chinese units of measurements were retained in the English translated manual.

Here's a quick conversion table for you.

尺 (chi)

寸 (cun)

分 (fen)

32 cm

32 mm

3.2 mm

12.6 in

1.26 in

0.126 in

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