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Recap of Year 2017, Looking Forward To 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

In Chinese, the number "8" is associated with prosperity and wealth. So here's wishing you abundance & great strides in your career in 2018!

2017 flew by so quickly. The work on spreading traditional martial arts done by us at is only possible with the support from everyone.

Let's take a recap of what we've achieved in 2017!


Jan 2017

The Long Saber is one of the longest, if not THE longest, sword in Chinese martial arts. Why was it designed to be so long? I made this quick 5 mins video in Jan 2017 to explain why.

Feb 2017

It featured more in-depth explanation + a free exclusive 1:1 replica of the antique Long Saber manual. I will be using this style of presentation for future DVDs.

Chinese Long Saber DVD Part 2

March 2017

Released a 1:1 replica copy of the antique Long Spear manual.

It's FREE, and you just have to pay for postage. But it's been fully redeemed and out-of-stock. I should have more copies made around end-Jan. Stay tuned!

May 2017

I used the same concept and released the 1:1 replica copy of the Shaolin Staff manual.

This is a non-profit initiative to spread ancient Chinese martial arts manuals throughout the world. Usually what I'd do, is to use the profits from this website, to print these free 1:1 replica manuals.

Shaolin Staff antique replica manual

It was fully redeemed a few months ago, but I have good news: IT'S BACK.

Only 50 copies available in Jan 2018!

June 2017

I paid a large sum of money to get an antique copy of "Heihō Ōgisho" (兵法奥義書), "Book of Military Secrets".

Heiho Ogisho similarities in Chinese martial arts

It's a Japanese manual written around Ming Dynasty period, and I share some interesting discovery of Japanese & Chinese sharing commonalities in martial arts.

1st article was on unarmed combat.

2nd article was on staff fighting.

July 2017

I released the English Translation + 1:1 replica of a 300 years old Japanese Samurai manual on strategy and procedures in warfare. was originally involved only in Chinese and Korean martial arts manuals.

The foray in Japanese territory is something new in 2017.

August 2017

This was "Sword Treatise" month. It is currently the most advanced martial arts manual translated on

I created and uploaded a total of 3 videos to help you understand "Sword Treatise":

1) Chicken Pecks Grain

2) Magpie Crosses Branch

3) 2 Dragons Vying Pearl

September 2017

This was the 7th Year Anniversary of We return back to Chinese Long Saber and I created an almost 20 minutes FREE tutorial series for beginners.

Oct & Nov 2017

I worked on the 2nd Japanese manual in Oct 2017, before finally releasing it in Nov 2017. "Buki Nihyaku Zu" is a 170 years old book that documented different types of military equipment, both Japanese & Chinese.

Buki Nihyaku Zu - 200 Diagrams of Military Weapons

December 2017

I revealed why I'm expanding into Japanese territory.

The grand plan here is to work on the 3 big eastern cultures: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, so that we can triangulate information and have deeper insights into traditional martial arts.

This sets the stage for 2018!


Thank you for an awesome year of promoting & preserving traditional martial arts in 2017. I look forward to release more works in 2018 and we continue on this journey together.

Best wishes,

Jack Chen

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manuals


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