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7th Year Anniversary - FREE Chinese Long Saber Tutorials

To commemorate the 7th year anniversary of the founding of, I've created 5 short videos to share some basics of practicing the Chinese Long Saber.

Part 1 - Choosing Your Long Saber's Length

For years, I've been using a professionally-made Chinese Long Saber by Graham Cave, from But not everyone can afford a premium practice weapon, so the first video starts off with some cheaper suggestions, and also what length you should be using.

Part 2 - Gripping The Chinese Long Saber

There can be a thousand different ways to grip a sword, but in Part 2, I will share with you 2 basic ways of gripping a sword, and also 2 basic ways of positioning your hands on the handle.

Part 3 - Basic Vertical Cut

To perform a basic vertical cut, we shall make use of 3 stances from the manual, which are: Skyward Stance, Right-Knee Stance, and Load-Bow Stance.

Part 4 - Basic Horizontal Cut

The horizontal cut is one attack that you can really generate a lot of power with your hips, if you use them correct.

Part 5 - Basic Thrust

For thrusting, we will make use of the "Bury-Head Stance", but in a middle position, as well as developing the confidence in releasing our left-hands and reaching for the spine of the blade.

Thank you for your support all these years, and I hope you'll enjoy this series of free Long Saber tutorial videos.

Jack Chen Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manuals


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