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"Chicken Pecks Grains", Staff Technique From Ming Dynasty manual Sword Treatise

"Chicken Pecks Grains" is a Staff technique from the 400 years old manual, Sword Treatise, written by Ming Dynasty General Yu Da-you. This technique involves making small quick multiple strikes, usually targeted at the enemy's hands. Because of its resemblance to a chicken eating and pecking at grains on the floor, hence it was given this name.

Below is a quick 2 minutes video that I've made to demonstrate this technique, and also highlight a few pointers

Notice a few things:

  • Movement is generated by the body, and not entirely just by using the arms.

  • Both arms are kept straight in a natural manner (not locked elbows). This can help to emphasize the utilization of the body in generating this movement.

  • No over-exertion, no running out of breath. Able to last longer in the battlefield. Yay!

This technique is of course not designed to be a killing move. By targeting the enemy's hands or fingers, you can disable his ability to hold a weapon first, before making a more powerful attack as a finishing blow.

Furthermore, the essence behind this technique can also be applied to other similar weapons, such as the Spear or Long Saber.

Sword Treatise is currently the most advanced manual on this website. It is recommended only for intermediate to advanced martial arts practitioners. Beginners might not be able to understand or relate to its content.

For the full manual, please check out:

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Jack Chen

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manuals


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