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"Magpie Crosses Branch", Staff Technique From Sword Treatise

"Magpie Crosses Branch" is an agile footwork technique, in the 400 years old Ming Dynasty manual, Sword Treatise. Below is my interpretation of this footwork technique.

Although this manual is about wooden Staff techniques, but I intentionally demonstrated with a wooden Guan Dao, because you can apply it to any weapon. Even if you're empty-handed too!

The important point is to move in a straight direct fashion to the next spot, without compromising your posture. In my opinion, the straighter you're able to move, the higher your skill level. Beginners tend to sway left/right when they move.

I hope this quick video has helped you to visualize "Magpie Crosses Branch", and has aided you overall in understanding Sword Treatise. If you have any further comments/questions, please feel free to comment below!

Jack Chen Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manuals

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