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Shaolin Staff Ancient Martial Arts manual Evade Deceive technique
Shaolin Gunfa Canzong
Training Video Series

"No More Double-Kills!"

What is the 'Evade-and-Deceive' technique?

Based On An Ancient Shaolin Staff Manual

Shaolin Gunfa Canzong is an ancient martial arts manual written in 1616 by Master Cheng Zongyou, documenting the art of fighting with a wooden Staff. These techniques serve as the foundation for learning to fight with other weapons. 


閃賺 (shan zhuan) = The "Evade-and-Deceive" Technique.
穿提 (chuan ti) = The "Pierce Lift" Technique.


These 2 are similar, and they are the most important techniques in Shaolin Gunfa Canzong. If you cannot do them, any weapons fighting technique that you learn, whether from the manual or from anywhere else, will be much less effective.

Why Are They Important?

Not only is it the most important, but it is also one that requires high level of skill to perform. In the manual, Master Cheng said the following about these 2 techniques:

  • 非心精思巧者不能造: Only the dedicated and clever ones can perform these techniques.

  • 非功深力到者不可言: Only the highest skilled may talk about these techniques.

If you had participated in weapons sparring before, you should know that "double-kills" are very common. That means, you hit the enemy and he hits you too, and both of you die or lose the match. 

If you want to hit the enemy, WITHOUT getting hit in the process, the answer is "Evade-and-Deceive". Once you understand this concept well, you can then also apply it to other weapons. Master Cheng gave some pointers and hints on how to perform "Evade-and-Deceive" in the manual, and I hope my elaboration and explanation in this video series will help you to understand it better.

Shaolin Staff manual 400 years old Shaolin Gunfa Canzong
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"Evade-and-Deceive" Trailer (53 secs)


How did this "Evade-and-Deceive" video series came about?

     Hi, Jack Chen here. I've been running this website since 2010. After about 2+ to 3 years, I published a detailed analysis and interpretation of Ming General Qi Jiguang's Fist manual in April 2020. I then began to look for the next manual that I can devote myself to, and after considering a few choices, I finally decided on Shaolin Gunfa Canzong. This is because, after learning the fist, the next step will be weapons, and the Staff provides the foundation of all weapons' training.

     So, I was analyzing and deciphering the 55 stances in this ancient Shaolin Staff manual. There are actually 3 scrolls in the manual, and I had to cross-reference between them, as well as other manuals written by other authors, in order to understand how each of these 55 stances are supposed to be performed.

     During this process, I came upon the realization that "Evade-and-Deceive" is the most important weapon fighting concept that you must know. Furthermore, it's not something that you can easily understand from a book. Hence, not only did I felt that this technique was important enough for me to create this video learning series just talking about it only, but to also publish it ahead of the book.

     I hope this video series will help you to understand what "Evade-and-Deceive" is about, and help you to elevate your martial arts training in weapons.

Content List of this DVD

1) Introduction

  • W​hat is "Evade-and-Deceive" and "Pierce Lift"

  • Definition of each word: 閃, 賺, 穿, 提


2) Basic Terminology

  • True and False Grips 陰陽手​

  • Inner and Outer Circles 圈裡圈外

  • Parry and Sweep 挐攔

3) Evade-and-Deceive Explanation #1

  • The concept of "Firm Hand" 手固​

  • Using True and False Grips to assist

4) Evade-and-Deceive Explanation #2

  • The concept of "Small Footwork" 步小

  • Utilizing the principles of "Casual Tuck Shirt" from Ming General Qi Jiguang's Fist manual.

5) Pierce Lift Explanation

  • What is Pierce Lift

  • Why is it NOT used for Spears

  • Solution for Wooden Weapons vs Blades

6) Old Energy, New Energy

  • The concept of 舊力略過,新力未生

  • All techniques must be applied with this concept

7) Reduce Your Gap

  • How to minimize your gap

  • Using "Evade-and-Deceive" with Swords

8) Practice Slowly

  • Why is Taiji practiced slowly

  • How is moving slowly practical for combat

9) The "Scissors" Stance

  • What is the Shaolin Staff 剪子股 stance

  • Applying the concept of "Pierce Lift"

  • Applying the concept of "Firm Hands"

  • Using your core to perform the technique

10) "Black Dragon Overturns River" Stance

  • Explanation of 鳥龍翻江 stance

  • Performing a Coil to deceive the enemy

11) "Hug Pipa" Stance

  • Explanation of 金剛抱琵琶 stance

  • Performing a Piercing Hook to deceive the enemy

12) "High Lift" 高提勢 Stance

  • Difference between "High Lift" & "Lift Spear" stance

  • Quicker way to perform "Pierce Lift".

  • Preview Video.

13) Mizoguchi Ha Itto Ryu

14) Chinese Long Saber's Length


Total Filesize: 2.19 GB

Total Videos: 14

Total Duration: 50 mins

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