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This is a video learning series on the 閃賺 (Evade-and-Deceive)  and 穿提 (Pierce Lift) techniques, as found in the 400 years old Shaolin Staff manual 少林棍法闡宗 shaolin gunfa canzong.


These 2 are the most important techniques that you must learn, in order to fight effectively with the Staff, and it can also be applied to other weapons. I felt that it was important enough to deserve its own video learning series, hence I created this to help you to understand them.


Without understanding the concepts of these 2 techniques, any stances that you learn in the Shaolin Staff manual would be less effective.


Upon successful purchase, you'll receive a PDF document containing the Download Link, so that you can start learning immediately.

Shaolin Staff, Evade-and-Deceive Technique

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    Total Filesize: 1.87 GB
    Total Videos: 11
    Total Duration: 40 mins
    Resolution: 1080p

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