Spreading The Shaolin Staff Legacy

     If you can master the Staff, you'd have created a good foundation in fighting with other weapons. Shaolin monks are revered for their skills in the Staff, hence this comprehensive ancient manual will serve you well in the practice of weaponry combat.


     My vision is to see more martial artists practicing the techniques in ancient Chinese martial arts manuals, so that the art can be passed on for future generation.

     I've attempted to translate this manual as literally as possible, so that the interpretation is open to anyone of any martial arts background. The English translated version of this Shaolin Staff manual was finally launched on August 2011.

     Every single line of text is translated individually, so that I'm forced to work on every single word. This prevents me from skipping over difficult words, and helps to ensure that the translation is as precise and complete as possible.

Features to help you learn & understand:

  • Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation for all Chinese text
    To help you pronounce the stances' names accurately.

  • Chinese text side-by-side with the English translation
    For your reference to the meaning of every word.

English Translation - Scroll #1 

Theories & Forms

     Contains solo-practice forms, as well as drills that you can practice with a partner. However, you will need to understand the stances in Scroll #2 first. ​


     Also, it will be easier for you to understand and practice the information in this scroll if you have some martial arts background beforehand.

Contents (150 pages, A5-size):

  • General Theory

  • Small Yaksha: 1st Staff Form

  • Small Yaksha: 2nd Staff Form

  • Small Yaksha: 5th Staff Form

  • Big Yaksha: 1st Staff Form

  • False-Grip: 1st Staff Form

  • Staff Defense 1st Form

  • Staff Defense 2nd Form

  • Staff Defense 3rd Form

  • Staff Defense 4th Form

  • Staff Defense 5th Form

  • Staff Defense 6th Form

  • Staff Defense Another 2nd Form

  • Staff Defense Another 4th Form

  • Staff Defense Another 6th Form

Shaolin Kung Fu Staff: Scroll #1 Preview
Shaolin Kung Fu Staff - Theories & Form Preview #1
Shaolin Staff Translation Preview #1
Form practice with the Shaolin Kung Fu Staff.
Shaolin Kung Fu Staff - Theories & Form Preview #2
Shaolin Staff Translation Preview #2
Diagram showing the practice movements.

Download the English translated

Shaolin Staff Scroll #1 Instantly

USD 12.99

     Your contribution and support will help us to continue running this website, and further the research of ancient Chinese battlefield arts.

Thank you,

Jack Chen

English Translation - Scroll #2 


     There's a total 55 Shaolin Staff stances in Scroll #2. Each stance is generally described quite pragmatically. ​

     After you've understood these stances, you can link them up in sequence to practice as forms described in Scroll #1. ​

     If you're new to this Shaolin Staff manual, I would suggest that this Scroll #2 to be the first scroll that you should get.

     Then subsequently, you can get Scroll #1 then Scroll #3.

Contents (115 pages, A5-size):

  • 1 Staff & 3 Spears Models Diagram

  • The 55 Shaolin Staff Stances

Shaolin Kung Fu Staff: Scroll #2 Preview

Download the English translated

Shaolin Staff Scroll #2 Instantly

USD 15.99

Shaolin Kung Fu Staff - Stances Preview #1
Shaolin Staff Translation Preview #1
The Drag-Thorns Stance.
Shaolin Kung Fu Staff - Stances Preview #2
Shaolin Staff Translation Preview #2
Deity Sits Cave Stance

English Translation - Scroll #3 

Questions & Answers

     This scroll consists of 40 questions addressed to Master Cheng, followed by his answers. ​

     It discusses in-depth principles, tactics, strategy and history. If you've been practicing martial arts for some time, you'll definitely appreciate this Q&A scroll.

     Even if you've not practiced the Staff, but you've practiced other weapons, the answers in this Q&A scroll can still be applicable.

Contents (131 pages, A5-size):

  • Questions & Answers

Shaolin Kung Fu Staff: Scroll #3 Preview

Download the English translated

Shaolin Staff Scroll #3 Instantly

USD 9.99

Shaolin Kung Fu Staff - Questions And Answers Preview #1
Shaolin Staff Translation Preview #1
Questions & Answers
Shaolin Kung Fu Staff - Questions And Answers Preview #2
Shaolin Staff Translation Preview #2
Questions & Answers
Thank You

Thank you for getting the replica of the ancient 400 years old Chinese Shaolin Staff manual. I'll be mailing your copy to you shortly.

I took quite some time to carefully scan the pages and made sure they were reproduced as closely as the original. I'm sure the past warriors will be glad that there are still people 400 years later who are still keen in their arts.

If you have any questions while reading the books, please feel free to email me: ChineseLongsword@gmail.com.

While waiting for your manual to reach you, you may also be interested in getting the English translation as an instant eBook download below.

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