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《雙劎》 Ssang Geom - Double Swords


From the 3rd scroll of the Korean manual "Muye Dobo Tongji", is a chapter on 雙劎 (Chn: Shuang-Jian, Krn: Ssang Geom), Double Sword. Although it uses the 劎, which usually refers to a straight double-edged sword, this manual documents the usage of Double Sabers, single edged curved blade.


Contents (43 pages + 2 x Routine-Sheets):

  • Introduction & History
  • Illustrated Stances
  • 2 x Separate sheets of the Double Sword Routine

Features to help you learn & understand:

  • Hanyu Pinyin pronounciation for all Chinese text
  • accompanying English translation


This E-Book is formatted to A5-size for easy printing.


Your support will further the research of ancient Chinese battlefield arts, and encourage efforts in the translation of other ancient manuals.


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Double Sword (Muye Dobo Tongji)

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