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Dandao Fa Xuan
Chinese Long Saber
DVD Part 2 Package

Bringing words from a 400 years old Chinese swordsmanship manual to life, to help aspiring swordsmen to learn this ancient art.

Thank You

Thank you for purchasing the Chinese Long Saber eBook previously.

As you may have already know, the Chinese Long Saber eBook is included inside the DVD Part 2 Package. Even though the eBook was $15.99, I'm offering you a $20 discount off the DVD Part 2 price.

Thank you for your early support of the Chinese Long Saber project. This DVD Part 2 Package is here today because of your support, and I'm privileged to give you this special offer.

What is the 'Chinese Long Saber DVD Part 2'?

Based On An Ancient Chinese Swordsmanship Manual

Written 400 years old in the Ming Dynasty, "Dandao Fa Xuan" is a swordsmanship manual that teaches the techniques of a 2-handed saber measuring 1.5 metres long.

Translation From Classical Chinese To English 

Each line translated is positioned side-by-side with the English text, for you to better understand its meaning.

Interpretation From A Battlefield Perspective

How you'd fight in a duel, is different compared to how you'd fight in a large-scale battlefield.

Stance #12 to #22 - 85 Minutes Of Video Content

There's a total of 34 stances in "Dandao Fa Xuan".

This DVD Part 2 covers only Stance #12 to #22.

As the content is too huge, remaining parts of the manual will be covered in subsequent DVDs.

Learn More
What's inside this DVD Learning Course?

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English Translation

Video Demonstration

Historical Manual

English Translation
  • Each stance is translated into English, line by line, to help you understand better
  • Also included for FREE (104 pages):
    • PDF File: Translation of the entire manual into English for you to learn the other stances. This itself is worth $15.99 value!
(Click to play sample)
Demonstration & Explanation
  • Each stance is demonstrated and explained based on important points, such as:
    • Adopting the stance
    • Performing the techniques
    • Efficient body movement mechanics
    • Battlefield context
  • Subtitles: As I'm not a native English speaker, I've added subtitles ​to make sure you will be able to understand fully what I'm saying.
  • Video Duration: 85 minutes worth of demonstration & explanation content in this DVD.
  • Summary PDF: The learning points are summarized into PDF files, for your quick and easy reference. Total of 45 pages.
(Click to play video sample)
(Sample "Learning Points" PDF)
Historical Manual Replica
(Not For Sale, Only 288 Copies Available Here)
  • Physical replica of this 400 years old sword manual for your collection!
  • Uses traditional Chinese method of stitch-binding, to replicate it just like the original antique manual.
  • 44 pages were carefully scanned and printed to A5 size to create this replica.
  • Not for sale! It's available only as a FREE BONUS in this DVD package
See what others have to say
for Chinese Long Saber books & DVD

Dominic L.

Kung Fu Practitioner

"The movements taught in this DVD are very practical and contains very good knowledge, taken from both your own experiences as well as from the manual."

Brian L. Kennedy

Author, Martial Artist

"I really enjoyed and respect Mr. Chen's work in making these historical manuals available in English. His translation is interesting both from technical and historical standpoints. I recommend his book highly."


Kung Fu Practitioner

"Your work has given me a great opportunity to get more into the world of Traditional Martial Arts. Through your translation I can understand this great culture a step deeper."

How did this DVD package come about?

     Hi, my name is Jack Chen. Back in 2010, I created a few videos on YouTube to showcase certain portions of this Dandao Long Saber manual and subsequently launched with a vision of translating ancient Chinese martial arts manuals to English and showcase them as practical battlefield techniques.

With my 12 years of martial arts background:

  • In Chinese and Japanese swordsmanship (practically not a day goes by without me swinging a sword)

  • Full speed weapons sparring practice (so that all interpretation & techniques are verified against an uncooperative live opponent.)


I sincerely hope this DVD package will help you to learn and understand this precious ancient Chinese Long Saber manual.

What you will receive in the mail

The DVD in data format, containing:

  • 85 mins of video content

  • PDF (45 pages): Learning Points Summary for the Stances #12 to #22.

  • PDF (104 pages): Full translation of the entire manual. $15.99 value!

Replica Manual:

  • Physical printed copy

  • 44 pages long

  • A5 size

  • Traditional stitch-binding

  • Not for sale elsewhere!

Worldwide Shipping:

  • Registered mail
    ~1 week to reach you

  • Tracking number

  • Guaranteed - I will send you a new free set if anything happens to it.

Full Content List Of The DVD
  • Stance #12 - Right Lift Stance (9 mins 14 secs)

    • 1) Performing The Stance

    • 2) Postural Alignment

    • 3) Performing The Cut

    • 4) Footwork & Swordwork Coordination

    • 5) Maintaining Centerline

    • 6) Origins Of The Right Lift Stance

  • Stance #13 - Left Lift Stance (12 mins 29 secs)

    • 1) Performing The Stance

    • 2) Three Methods Of Cutting

    • 3) Best Method Of Cutting

    • 4) Origins Of The Left Lift Stance

    • 5) Feign Defeat

    • 6) Upwards Cut Practice Drill

  • Stance #14 - Twisted Step Stance (7 mins 16 secs)

    • 1) Performing The Stance

    • 2) Origins Of The Twisted Step Stance

    • 3) Keeping Arms Straight

    • 4) Footwork

  • Stance #15 - Left Knee Stance (5 mins 44 secs)

    • 1) Performing The Stance

    • 2) Enemy Sweeps My Sword

    • 3) Enemy Parries My Sword

    • 4) Dominating The Centerline

  • Stance #16 - Right Knee Stance (11 mins 32 secs)

    • 1) Performing The Stance

    • 2) Shifting Away From Enemy's Thrust

    • 3) Lifting A Low Thrust

    • 4) Enemy Parries My Sword

    • 5) Enemy Sweeps My Sword

    • 6) Knee Stance Practice Drill​​

  • Stance #17 - Skyward Stance (9 mins 16 secs)

    • 1) Performing The Stance

    • 2) Origins Of The Skyward Stance

    • 3) Defending Your Left

    • 4) Performing The Deflection

    • 5) Performing The Cut

  • Stance #18 - Receive Push Stance (8 mins 26 secs)

    • 1) Performing The Thrust

    • 2) Origins Of The Receive Push Stance

    • 3) Dominating The Centerline

    • 4) Cutting The Enemy's Spear

  • Stance #19 - Sword Back Stance (5 mins 48 secs)

    • 1) Easy Method

    • 2) Intermediate Method

    • 3) Advanced Method

  • Stance #20 - Hidden Dagger Stance (5 mins 13 secs)

    • 1) Origin Of The Dagger

    • 2) Hiding The Dagger

  • Stance #21 - Flying Dagger Stance (7 mins 32 secs)

    • 1) Throwing The Dagger

    • 2) Footwork

    • 3) Performing The Cut

  • Stance #22 - Resheathe Stance (2 mins 47 secs)

    • 1) Resheathing Your Swor​d


  • PDF (45 pages): Learning Points summarized for each stance.

  • PDF (104 pages): English Translation of the Entire Manual

Original Price $67.
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