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Chinese Long Saber DVD 1 Dan Dao Fa Xuan 單刀法選

Dandao Fa Xuan
Chinese Long Saber
DVD Part 1 Package
Two Discs Extended Remake

Bringing words from a 400 years old Chinese swordsmanship manual to life, to help aspiring swordsmen to learn this ancient art.

What is the 'Chinese Long Saber DVD Part 1'?

Based On An Ancient Chinese Swordsmanship Manual

Written 400 years old in the Ming Dynasty, "Dandao Fa Xuan" is a swordsmanship manual that teaches the techniques of a 2-handed Long Saber based on Japanese Samurai swordsmanship and Shaolin Staff techniques.

Interpretation From A Battlefield Perspective

How you'd fight in a duel, is different compared to how you'd fight in a large-scale battlefield with teammates around you.

The Shaolin Connection

The author, Master Cheng Zongyou, wrote an extensive manual on Shaolin Staff techniques first, which served as a foundation for all weapons techniques. You will learn how the Long Saber stances are actually based on the Shaolin Staff.

Stance #1 to #11 - 85 Minutes Of Video Content

There's a total of 34 stances in "Dandao Fa Xuan".

This DVD Part 1 Package covers only Stance #1 to #11.

Split across two discs, the 1st one covers my explanation of the stances, and the 2nd one shows me teaching beginners.

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What's inside this DVD Learning Course?
Disc #1:
Video Course
Demonstration & Explanation
  • Each stance is demonstrated and explained based on important points, such as:
    • Adopting the stance
    • Performing the techniques
    • Efficient body movement mechanics
    • Battlefield context
  • Subtitles: I try to use the actual Chinese terms at times in the video, so I've added subtitles to help you to understand.
  • Video Duration: 123 minutes worth of demonstration & explanation content in this first disc.
Disc #2:
Instructor Series
Instruction & Guidance
  • This is a special disc where I teach 2 complete newbies, Karen and Yuan, the first 11 Long Saber stances.
  • I've intentionally chose to teach someone with no martial arts experience, precisely because they tend to make more mistakes, which helps to draw out more learning points that I can share in this Instructor Series.
  • Video Duration: 90 minutes worth of instruction and guidance content in this second disc.
Shaolin Staff Connection
Comparing Shaolin Staff stances with the Chinese Long Saber
     Prior to this Long Saber manual, Master Cheng actually authored a Shaolin Staff manual titled 少林棍法闡宗 (shaolin gunfa chanzong). This is a manual that will serve as foundational training for anyone who wants to fight with a weapon. You will find many similarities between the Shaolin Staff stances, and the Long Saber stance.

     An example is shown here, known as the "Load Bow" stance. Notice that the Shaolin Staff version looks just like the Long Saber one? The skill that you developed when practicing the Shaolin Staff "Load Bow" stance, are transferable to the Long Saber. In fact, you're supposed to practice the Shaolin Staff first, BEFORE you get started on the Long Saber. To put things mathematically:

     Shaolin Staff + Samurai Sword = Chinese Long Saber.

     In this 2-discs special, I've helped you to draw references from the Shaolin Staff manual, so that you can deepen your understanding of the Long Saber techniques. 
See what others have to say
for Chinese Long Saber books & DVD

Dominic L.

Kung Fu Practitioner

"The movements taught in this DVD are very practical and contains very good knowledge, taken from both your own experiences as well as from the manual."

Brian L. Kennedy

Author, Martial Artist

"I really enjoyed and respect Mr. Chen's work in making these historical manuals available in English. His translation is interesting both from technical and historical standpoints. I recommend his book highly."


Kung Fu Practitioner

"Your work has given me a great opportunity to get more into the world of Traditional Martial Arts. Through your translation I can understand this great culture a step deeper."

How did this DVD package come about?

     Hi, my name is Jack Chen. Back in 2010, I created a few videos on YouTube to showcase certain portions of this Dandao Long Saber manual and subsequently launched with a vision of translating ancient Chinese martial arts manuals to English and showcase them as practical battlefield techniques.

With my 12 years of martial arts background:

  • In Chinese and Japanese swordsmanship (practically not a day goes by without me swinging a sword)

  • Full speed weapons sparring practice (so that all interpretation & techniques are verified against an uncooperative live opponent.)


I sincerely hope this DVD package will help you to learn and understand this precious ancient Chinese Long Saber manual.

Full Content List Of The DVD

Disc #1: Video Course
Total 2+ Hours

Stance #1 - Mutual Draw Stance (8 mins 49 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) Situation for using Mutual Draw

  • 3) Iaijutsu Technique Part 1

  • 4) Iaijutsu Technique Part 2

  • 5) Demonstration With Partner

Stance #2 - Draw Sword Stance (6 mins 6 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) Drawing Technique Verification

  • 3) Battle Formation

  • 4) Drawing Narrowly

Stance #3 - Bury Head Stance (15 mins 8 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) Front View

  • 3) Possible Left Hand Variations

  • 4) The "Lan" Technique

  • 5) Performing The Cut

  • 6) Avoiding Friendly Fire

Stance #4 - Enter Cave Stance (9 mins 38 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) The Bang Technique

  • 3) Learning Not To Use Your Hands

  • 4) Battlefield Formation

Stance #5 - Upwards Cut Stance (10 mins 37 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) Grabbing & Pivotting Around Enemy's Spear

  • 3) Preventing Friendly Fire

  • 4) Performing The Upwards Cut

  • 5) Front View of the Upwards Cut

Stance #6 - Waist Cut Stance (14 mins 12 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) Cutting Defensively

  • 3) Avoiding Friendly Fire

  • 4) Recovery from Single Handed Grip

  • 5) Recovery with Teamwork

  • 6) Reference to Shaolin Staff, Shoulder Mountain stance

Stance #7 and #8 - Left & Right Solo Stance (18 mins 2 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) Demonstration With Partner

  • 3) Twisting Your Sword

  • 4) Reference to Golden Chicken Stance

  • 5) Reference to Shaolin Staff, Offer Flowers Stance

  • 6) True Benefits of Solo Stand stances

  • 7) Reference to Shaolin Staff, Skyward Staff Stance

  • 8) Applying Principles of Shaolin Staff, Skyward Staff Stance

Stance #9 - Outer Watch Stance (21 mins 32 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) Deflection

  • 3) Sneaking Steps

  • 4) Maintain Contact With Enemy's Spear

  • 5) Horizontal Cut

  • 6) Twisting and Deflecting

  • 7) How To Twist Fast

  • 8) Understanding Fighting Distance with Long Saber

  • 9) Fighting Distances for Bury Head and Enter Cave

Stance #10 - Load Bow Stance (9 mins 42 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) Deflection From A Side-On Stance

  • 3) Deflection From A Front-On Stance

  • 4) Deflection Without A Pivot Point

  • 5) Reference to Shaolin Staff, Tyrant Loads Bow stance

Stance #11 - Low Watch Stance (10 mins 12 secs)

  • 1) Introduction

  • 2) Maintain Contact With Enemy's Spear

  • 3) Moving In A Guarded Manner

  • 4) Making A Powerful Cut

Disc #2: Instructor Series
Total 1.5 hours

  • Stance #1 - Mutual Draw Stance (4 mins 38 secs)

  • Stance #2 - Draw Sword Stance (4 mins 32 secs)

  • Stance #3 - Bury Head Stance (12 mins 52 secs)

  • Stance #4 & #5 - Enter Cave & Upwards Cut (8 mins 7 secs)

  • Stance #6 - Waist Cut Stance (6 mins 43 secs)

  • Stance #7 & #8 - Left & Right Solo Stand (14 mins 33 secs)

  • Stance #9 - Outer Watch Stance (24 mins 19 secs)

  • Stance #10 - Load Bow Stance (6 mins 13 secs)

  • Stance #11 - Low Watch Stance (8 mins 24 secs)

Preview Video Clips

Cutting defensively with the "Bury Head" stance to avoid cutting your teammates.

Learning how to deflect the enemy's Spear using the "Load Bow" stance.

What you will receive in the mail
Dan Dao Fa Xuan 單刀法選 DVD 1 Extended Remake

Disc One - Explanation

  • 123 mins of video content

  • Stances #1 to #11 explained and demonstrated

  • In data format

$39 Value

+$6 Postage

Dan Dao Fa Xuan 單刀法選 DVD 1 Instructor Series

Disc Two - Instruction

  • 90 mins of video content

  • Unscripted teaching of beginners in these 11 stances.

  • In data format

$39 Value

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    ~1 week to reach you

  • Tracking number

  • Guaranteed - I will send you a new free set if anything happens to it.

$10 Postage

+$6 Postage

Original Price for Both Discs $88.
Get This DVD Package: Now Just $67
You Save $21!

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