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English translation of the 400 years old manual written by Ming Dynasty General Yu Da-you. More information:


If there is only 1 book that you'd ever get on, get this Sword Treatise. This is currently the most advanced book on this website, and it will help you to become proficient with ANY weapon.


Sword Treatise is also the 1st book that I specially paid extra money to publish it using traditional Chinese stitch-binding, which is to tie the pages together like how they did in ancient China.

     I hope when you flip open this book, you'll get inspired by the wisdom of General Yu Da-you and past warriors, and pass on their martial arts legacy.

Contents (320 pages, A5-size):

  • Foreword

  • Song of the Art

  • Trident Practice

  • Song of the Art (Core Concepts)

  • Movement Practice

  • Techniques List

  • Techniques Applications (1 to 180)

  • 14 Staff Stances

  • 9 Trident Stances

Features to help you learn & understand:

  • Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation for all Chinese text
    To help you pronounce the stances' names accurately.

  • Chinese text side-by-side with the English translation
    For your reference to the meaning of every word.


Pricing includes registered shipping with tracking number.

Thank you,

Jack Chen

Sword Treatise English Translation (with shipping)

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