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"Jixiao Xinshu" is a comprehensive military warfare manual, written by Ming Dynasty General Qi Jiguang in 1560. It consisted of chapters on Spear fighting, Archery, terrain, troops formation etc... One of the chapters is "Quanjing Jieyao", which contains 32 unarmed fighting stances for soldiers' training.


There has been multiple attempts by various people to translate this ancient Chinese Fist manual. The ones which I've read are usually translating them literally. In order to make the translation & interpretation more meaningful, I've seeked to discover the core principles behind each of these 32 unarmed fighting stances.


In this book, you'll see how these principles can be applied to any martial arts style, or any weapon. By training in these 32 martial principles, it will provide a complete & holistic training for a warrior, medieval or modern.


I believe that my work in this book will help you in advancing your martial arts practice, no matter which fighting style you're from. It is also my wish that the art in this valuable martial arts manual can be preserved for future generations to appreciate.


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This is a hardcopy book, printed by in the US. Please order from here:


The book is USD$25.90, and postage is very cheap if you're in the US or western countries, because the book is printed there. Be sure to take a look at to see if they are giving out any special discount codes.


Essentials of the Fist - Ancient Martial Arts Training Principles

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