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English Translation of the 400 years old Chinese sword manual, 《單刀法選》 "Dan Dao Fa Xuan", Chinese Long Saber.


Available as a PDF e-Book, download instantly upon purchase.


Contents (104 pages, A5-size):

  • The Long Saber Sayings

  • Details of the Long Saber

  • The 22 Stances of the Long Saber

  • Long Saber Addendum

  • The Long Saber Form

  • The 12 Additional Long Saber Stances

  • Long Saber Stances Summary

Features to help you learn & understand:

  • Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation for all Chinese text 
    To help you pronounce the stances' names accurately.

  • Chinese text side-by-side with the English translation
    For your reference to the meaning of every word.

Chinese Long Saber English Translation

  • Standard PDF File.

    File Size: 5.11 MB

  • Instant Download

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