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Long Shaft Axe

     According to this manual, these Long Shaft Axes are effective in combat with simple techniques, hence training troops to use it is easier and yet still effective in combat.

     This manual was written by 程子頤 (Cheng Zi Yi). He is the nephew of Master Cheng Zong You, who famously wrote manuals on the Spear, Long-Saber, Crossbow and Shaolin Staff.


     There are 10 stances in this manual, and these are designed to fight against the Spear.

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 English Translation 

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  • Long Shaft Axe Sayings

  • 10 (Ten) Long Shaft Axe Stances

  • The Long Shaft Axe Routine

Features to help you learn & understand:
- Hanyu Pinyin pronounciation for all Chinese text
- accompanying English translation

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