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Chinese Military Big-Saber

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Contributed by
Peter Dekker.

Contributed by
Rodney Bennett.



  The Chinese Military Big-Saber 大刀 (Da Dao) was made famous by the 29th Army of the Chinese Nationalist Army fighting against the Japanese invaders during the 1930s. Legend has it that it's so effective that heads could be cut off easily with ease.

  The 29th Army fought and held their position for 7 days and 7 nights at Xifengkou, killing 3000 enemies. However, in the 500 elite soldiers of the 大刀隊 (Da Dao Dui) "Big-Saber Contingent", only 20 survived.

  On 9th March 1933, 金恩忠 (Jin En-Zhong) was assigned the Northwest Army's "Big-Saber Contingent". Subsequently on June 1933, he published 實用大刀術 (Shi yong Da Dao Shu), "Practical Big-Saber Techniques".

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Training/Practice: Contributed by Sifu Steve Cottrell from http://www.authentickungfu.com/

Old Footage: "Da Dao" practice in the Chinese military.

Test-Cutting: Cold Steel Chinese War Sword