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Sword Trainer
Resistance Training Tool For Swordsmanship

Sword Trainer is a simple & effective resistance training tool for the practice of swordsmanship. It allows you to practice various cutting strokes with resistance, so that you can develop the right muscle groups for the technique.

Check out the video below to learn more.

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Demonstration Video

1. Easy Setup

You can easily loop Sword Trainer to a Pull-Up Bar, or any pole, in only 3 seconds to begin training sword strokes with resistance.

2. Vertical Cut

To practice Vertical Cut, you can loop Sword Trainer to a horizontal bar. Then grip the handle and "cut" downwards to train the correct muscle groups.

3. Diagonal Cut

For Diagonal Cuts, make sure to turn and use your hips while cutting, so that the resistance helps to develop your core & hips muscles as well, and not just your arm muscles only.

4. Thrusts

For Thrusts or Horizontal Cut, you can easily loop Sword Trainer to a vertical pole (e.g. Lamp-post). This will allow you to thrust or cut horizontally with resistance.

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