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Vintage video of a Staff master

Found a vintage video of a very skillful Staff master on YouTube.

If you've been following my Chinese Long-Saber videos since 2010, you'll notice that I tend to keep my arms/elbows straightened when wielding the Long-Saber.

Occasionally, I receive comments about how "locking my elbows" means that I have "no experience in Chinese martial arts". I didn't reply much because this is something that's better explained in person, than over text.

Observe in the above video that the arms are frequently kept straightened. Notably, from 18 seconds to 20 seconds, it is the "Chicken Pecks Grains" technique, which is to make multiple quick small strikes. Notice that both arms are kept straight so that the movement is generated from the body, not the hands/arms.

Did you think that Chinese martial arts are all just solo forms?

Check out 4 mins 12 seconds for some paired fighting drills.

In my Chinese Long Saber DVD Part 2, I advocated many times that our elbows should be kept straightened. If we ever have a chance to meet in person, I will show you the reason why in real-life.


Jack Chen

Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manuals


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