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Triangulating Chinese, Korean, Japanese Martial Arts

December 8, 2017

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Best Miao Dao Long Saber Demonstration

January 28, 2017

Among all the Miao Dao / Dandao / Chinese Long Saber videos on YouTube, this is my personal favorite which I find to be the best. Demonstrated by Master Hu Chun Guang, his movements are swift without haste.


Observe at the 1 min 22 secs mark, where he changes his grip smoothly. With a long handle, the Long Saber can be used ambidextrously with either hand forward.


His swordwork is well-controlled. Observe as the sword moves fast in an effortless manner. Most people can be seen exerting a lot of force and tensing up their muscles when they attempt to swing a sword fast, but Master Hu demonstrates skilfully the opposite.


Truely a gem!


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