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The Dadao Chinese War Sword March

大刀进行曲 (Dadao Jing Xing Qu) is a Chinese patriotic war song, inspired by using the Dadao Chinese War Sword to defend China during the period of WWII.

After the 29th Army displayed great valor at the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, fighting bravely despite inferiorly equipped with only a rifle and a Dadao, this song was written by Ma Xin to honor them.

Translation of the lyrics:

  • Chn: 大刀向鬼子們的頭上砍去! Eng: Dadao cut towards the heads of devils!

  • Chn: 全國武裝的弟兄們! Eng: Our nation's armed brothers!

  • Chn: 抗戰的一天來到了,抗戰的一天來到了! Eng: The day of resistance has come, the day of resistance has come!

  • Chn: 前面有東北的義勇軍 Eng: The Northeast Volunteer Army is in front.

  • Chn: 後面有全國的老百姓 Eng: The whole nation's people are at the rear.

  • Chn: 咱們中國軍隊勇敢前進 Eng: Our Chinese Army advancing bravely.

  • Chn: 看準那敵人!把他消滅,把他消滅! Eng: See the enemy! Destroy him, destroy him!

  • Chn: 衝啊! Eng: Charge!

  • Chn: 大刀向鬼子們的頭上砍去, 殺! Eng: Dadao cut towards the heads of devils, KILL!

To learn more about the Dadao Chinese War Sword, you may visit here:

Jack Chen Ancient Chinese Martial Arts Manuals

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