Learn The Art Of Chinese Long Saber


The Chinese Long Saber (also known as Miao Dao, or Dan Dao)

is a 2-handed 1.5 metres long single-edged sword.

Learn its fighting techniques based on a 400 years old manual

right here in Singapore.

Dan Dao Fa Xuan

     This is a 400 years old Ming Dynasty Chinese sword manual, that teaches the fighting techniques using a 2-handed Long Saber. Today, it is also commonly known as "Miao Dao".

     The manual consists of 34 stances. Each stance is described as a fighting technique against the Spear. In Chinese martial arts, the Spear is considered as the King of Battlefield. So if you can win against the Spear, you can win against any other weapons.

About The Trainer

Lian He Zao Bao

Newspaper Feature in 2012

ChineseLongsword.com was setup in 2010 by Jack Chen, with the vision of translating ancient Chinese martial arts manuals to English and showcase them as practical battlefield techniques.

Jack Chen also uploaded many videos on YouTube, that interprets the techniques in this ancient Chinese Long Saber manual. Soon, this caught the media's attention, and Jack's group was subsequently featured in the national newspaper, Lian He Zao Bao, in 2012. 

Jack Chen has around 12 years of martial arts background:

  • In Chinese and Japanese swordsmanship.

  • Full speed weapons sparring practice (so that all interpretation & techniques are verified against an uncooperative live opponent.)


You will learn:

  • All 34 stances, as documented in the manual.

  • Proper execution of the stances & techniques.

  • Using the right muscle groups.

  • Developing a focused centerline.

  • and more!

Demonstration of the Long Saber techniques by Jack Chen back in 2011.

Explanation of the 1st fighting stance in the manual.

When & Where Is The Training?

Training classes take place at Bishan Active Park, Bishan Street 23, 570210, under the large white sheltered structure, between the Basketball Court and Soccer Field. It is about 5 to 10 mins walk from Bishan MRT Station.

Training starts every Sunday morning, 9am.

What Do I Need To Bring?
  • Attire: Please come in sporty attire, or any clothing that you're comfortable moving around in.

  • Sword: As a training tool, you may bring:

    • A bamboo pole, cut down to 1.5 metres length. Easily bought at NTUC for a few dollars.​

    • A regular bokken

    • Trainer will help you to procure a proper wooden Chinese Long Saber as time goes by. But in the meantime, either of the above will suffice.

    • If you do not have anything at all, please inform earlier so that we can bring 1 for you.

  • Training Fees​

    • 1st-Timer Trial Lesson = SGD 10​ for 1 lesson

    • Subsequent individual lessons = SGD 15 for 1 lesson

    • Bulk Package = SGD 40 for 4 lessons (~35% discount)

How Do I Sign Up?

To sign up, please click here to submit a Google application form.

Questions? Contact us here.

See you at training soon!