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軍法兵法記 • 剣術の巻
"Gunpo Heiho Ki • Kenjutsu No Maki"

Records of Military Tactics, Scroll of Swordsmanship


Written in 1546 by famous Samurai General Yamamoto Kansuke (1501 to 1561), this is an ancient manual on using a 2-handed sword in battle. Also covered are some techniques using 2 swords (Nito) and Spears.


"Gunpo Heiho Ki, Kenjutsu No Maki" is a valuable historical reference for all martial artists who are interested in Samurai swordsmanship.


This is a physical printed book, with the scans from this ancient manual reprinted.


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Gunpo Heiho Ki - Kenjutsu No Maki

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