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Crescent Saber "Guan Dao"

     During the Ming Dynasty, 大刀 (Da Dao), literally “Big Saber”, is the term used for a long single-edged bladed polearm. Today, we more commonly refer to it as 偃月刀 (Yan Yue Dao), the Reclining-Moon Blade, or 關刀(Guan Dao), after the famous General Guan Yu as depicted in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. 


     This manual was written by 程子頤 (Cheng Zi Yi). He is the nephew of Master Cheng Zong You, who famously wrote manuals on the Spear, Long-Saber, Crossbow and Shaolin StaffThere are 12 stances in this manual, and these are designed to fight against the Spear.

     The Korean ancient martial arts manual, Muye Dobo Tongji, is highly based on Ming Dynasty Chinese manuals. There's a chapter inside that documented the usage of the Crescent Saber on Horseback, and it's included in the English translated copy below.


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Manual Preview #1
Manual Preview #2
Manual Preview #3
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Horseback Crescent-Saber, demonstrated

based on the Korean manual Muye Dobo Tongji

Crescent-Saber demonstration,

based on Korean Muye Dobo Tongji.


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Spreading The Crescent Saber Legacy

The Crescent Saber is one of the most representative weapon in Chinese martial arts. Here is the English translation for the ancient manual that describes the ractice of this weapon.

1) The Big-Saber Sayings

2) Construction of the Big-Saber

3) 12 (Twelve) Big-Saber Stances

4) The Big-Saber Form

5) Horseback Crescent-Saber

6) Horseback Crescent-Saber Manual (10 stances on horseback)

Features to help you learn & understand:
- enhanced drawings from faded ancient drawings
- Hanyu Pinyin pronounciation for all Chinese text
- accompanying English translation

This E-Book is available to you for download at USD 9.99, and formatted to A5-size for easy printing.

Your support will further the research of ancient Chinese battlefield arts, and encourage efforts in the redrawing, enhancement and translation of other ancient manuals.

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English Translation 

Crescent Saber Ancient Manual - Left Lift Stance
Crescent Saber Translation Preview #1
The "Left Lift" Stance
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Crescent Saber Ancient Manual - Thrust Stance
Crescent Saber Ancient Manual - Intro & Sayings

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Crescent Saber Polearm English Translation

Preview #2
The "Thrust" Stance 
Preview #3
Intro and Sayings
Preview #4
Intro from Muye Dobo Tongji
Preview #5
Horseback Crescent Saber
Crescent Saber Ancient Manual - Horseback
Crescent Saber Ancient Manual - Horseback Details from Muye Dobo Tongji
Crescent Saber Ancient Manual - Horseback